Wow, I think I made it!!!

Before taking this class, I though I was up to date in technology.  I was not the kind of person who liked to use technology often but I thought I new the different types out there for people to use.  I have come to find out many new things that I had no idea existed.

As the syllabus mentions,  “students will integrate contemporary technology  into teaching practices and learning activities using software, cloud ware. and other resources…”  I have learned so much!!  I had to spend many hours for this class because I was unfamiliar with practically everything!  Learning I did!  Through trial and error, I did it!  I am so proud of myself to have come this far in this course.

One of my favorites, Is SnagIt.  I have become very familiar with it.  I now use it in the classroom and my students love it.  I also use google slides, google docs, google forms and google drive practically everyday.   I am very happy I was able to take this class and learn so many things about technology.  It has made my life easier and I save so much time at work and at home.  The most impressive thing, was using you tube.  I have never done videos.  It was new to me but I learned.  It has opened my eyes how much technology has changed and how much it will continue to change in the future. Technology will be growing more and more popular in classrooms all over the world.

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Copyright Laws

Copyright laws I was aware of are protecting of types of work.  For example, poems, movies, video games, plays, music, novels and many more.    I was surprised at the choreography copyrights, and software codes.  Copyright laws should be mentioned more in the classroom.  Students need more awareness about this topic .  Having a lesson to introduce this topic would be a great idea to show students the importance of copyright laws.  News channels often have a segments about a music artist, or movie star having some kind of dispute in the courts regarding copyright laws.  There was one incident couple years ago about a famous singer who song became very popular but family members of another singer believed the song had no new material that it was copied by using the beats of the song.  So of course, they went to court to prove their copyright rights to the song.  There are so many cases about copyrights and many laws.

I remember in high school my English teacher did a brief lesson on this issue.  Thanks to this teacher, It was brought to my attention.  Since then, I remember always having that in the back of my mind every time I had to quote a writer on a high school paper.  Now, because of the internet many technologies available for public use, the importance of copyright laws should be presented more often to students and educators.  As educators, I do believe it will have some kind of affect in the future because the way education is moving forward using technology.

Social Media

Social media has played an important part of my life.  I receive information faster from friends and family.   Photos and videos are easy to send and share around the world.  Thats amazing!  As new as  I am to technology, I am  very familiar with email, internet, and much more.  What I have learned in this class is the tools we have been working with especially google free apps.  I now use google drive everyday!   I share my docs with other teachers and even edit others too.   I am getting familiar with google slides as we move forward.  I am even using a blog which I never thought I would.  Snag it is a favorite of mine now and will use it in the future.

Photos and

Social media will be BIG in the classroom soon.  I believe as teachers receive training about free tools available to make our life easier in the classroom social media will grow and grow to become the norm in the classroom.  I have learned to be open to new information regarding technology.  I am now using google for images that can help my students visualize information as part of my lesson because it is quick and easy to find.  YouTube is also a really great tool in the classroom.  I have attached youtube videos for my lessons which is great.  I know this is where the future is headed in education.   There should be more teacher training, more collaboration in the schools regarding this issue but its moving forward in a positive way.

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Cool Tool Duel

My educational technology tool is Class Dojo.  Class Dojo is a great tool to use in the classroom for classroom management.  Students like to see their Dojo character in the smartboard and even get to change their own character at home as often as they want.  Teachers award students with points as they follow rules.  Students can see their progress during the school day.  Teachers can use Class Dojo so many ways it just depends how you want to award students in your classroom.  This tool is great for elementary children but best all it is free!  We all know, as educators we don’t have much and having these really cool technology options is great.

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The Advantages

Teachers and parents can have a better communication using this tool because it provides opportunity for parents to connect into the classroom and use their cell phone app to see their child Dojo points.  Parents can see why their child received points or if points were taken away.   Parents can even send a private message to the teacher checking their progress during the day.

The Future

I do believe this will be around in ten years but more advanced and better.  Of course, there probably more companies trying to do the same but the Image result for class dojopositive side is that it works in the classroom and helps teachers and parents stay connected.  This tool I started using this year and the kids love it.  It has helped me with class management and I also give students with the most points at the end of the week a sticker to recognize them for the great work they did that week.


So far, using a variety of technology has been fairly new to me.  I started using Google apps this June.  It is very user friendly and have been trying to use them more often.    I really do like them, it just takes a little time getting use too them.  Snagit was very exciting to use because I can see where students can benefit from teachers using this great tool.  Teachers especially I believe would like this tool because its a great way to present and show students a variety of teaching styles.Image result for cloudware                                     Image result for cloudware

Cloudware will impact today’s classroom in so many ways.  For example, Google Docs can be used to collaborate teacher to students.  It is very easy to use and students and teacher can communicate and share documents.  Students can also use Google presentation to complete a project and present it to the class and share their presentation to the teacher before they present.  Also, teachers can know collaborate with their grade level by sharing their Google Docs and editing the document.   Cloudware does make sharing and collaborating so much easier.  My experience so far, has been a learning experience but I have been enjoying it so far.Image result for cloudware

Project Base Learning

Classrooms today are moving forward to work towards project base learning communities.  As for my school district, we are implementing a community of learners as students and teachers.  As we move toward the future, classrooms will look like project base learning but there is still so much to be done.  Since PBL’s involve critical thinking, collaboration and communication, it will take time & energy to  refocus classrooms.

PBL are completely different from what I have experienced as a student many years ago.  My experience was to come in and sit in straight rows and do not talk with other students during assignments.   PBL is totally opposite from when I was in school.   While in school, I was thankful for the education I was receiving but now that I know otherwise, I  am really happy that education is moving this direction to engage, spark students learning.  I know we are moving in a great direction for teachers and students.

The advantages having PBL  students will be able to learn communications skills by practicing daily while completing an assignment.  It can be a science project or social science for students to learn the importance of communication.  Critical thinking is a huge advantage because it gets our  students to think about real world situations by having to do the research themselves more often and using technology in order to do so which is getting them prepared for the workforce.   Students will also be practicing collaboration with others and learn to work as a group to accomplish a goal which is what happens in the workforce.

Sugate Mitra

Educational researcher Sugata Mitra speaks about a child driven education in Ted Talks video.  He mentions about the hole in the wall, which he had cut out a hole and placed a computer.   When children looked, they  started asking questions about why a computer and why there.  Four hours later, the educational researcher, was seeing a 8 year old boy teach a 6 year old girl how to browse the internet.  Then 14 days later, children started downloading from   At the end of the experiment, groups of children started learning how to navigate internet on  their own.  The next experiment was having a speech to text feature in the computer for children to use.  Two months later, children improved in their language skills.  Two years later, the children started to google their own homework .

The second video titled School in a cloud, mentioned how education is constructed and outdated for our children today.  Learning has changed but the way our schools have not.  Sugate Mitra discusses how education started to form in a school setting and how it has grown.  He started building a self organized learning environments in groups witch contain four visible walls, computer, internet for children educations and having a grandmother strategy.   The grandmother strategy is when a teacher stand back and lets the leaning happen by asking questions, and encouraging students.  Its a self organized system.

The responses from these experiments are amazing!  He is discovering how children are learning through these amazing experiments and continue to find ways to have children learn because they are interested in learning.  I believe what he said is true, “learning happens when students are interested.”  These experiments show that learning is not the way it use to be when all children were seated in a row and not permitted to speak with each other.  Now, students learn by speaking with each other and working in a group setting using technology.  I know as a teacher, learning and teaching will change in the future.  Technology will be center stage in our classrooms for students educations.

The world is flat

The world is flat by Thomas Friedman  explains how fast and in a instant the world changed because of the discoveries of Netscape and inventions of the internet browser that has been flattening the world as stated.  From then on, internet business boomed.   People are now able to communicate faster than ever before.  Jobs are now using computers and email and much more to be more efficient at the job site.  He stated, “The global platform to collaborate for many things and in different ways.”

When listening to the video amazed me how we have changed and advanced using technology.  I believe technology will be moving to great places especially in classrooms.  Technology will give the students so much more information and discoveries  for them to explore.  It will make learning more engaging and keep it exciting.  I do believe that technology is a great tool but hard to keep up with, but learning new ways of teaching will help us improve  and keep learning everyday.

Thank you for the informational video!  I learned so much and noticed how much I have not stooped to think how fast technology has changed through the years.  I t really amazed me how all flatterers are becoming one, now working together.

About me page


I am excited to be posting my very first blog.  I like to travel and cook but especially be with my family.  I have four teenagers and I just became a grandmother and a aunt.  Both babies are one month apart!  I’m very excited about this new chapter in my life.  I like to go to football games with my husband and meet new people during the game.  We plan to visit a new football stadium once a year.  I am very excited to learn more about technology and how it can work in the classroom making education exciting.

Education and technology can be difficult but I can see where it can help students and teachers learn and become more aware of new things to apply in the classroom.  As educators, I agree that learning with technology an applying it into the classroom will help students in the future since mostly all jobs are turning to computers.  Its hard to keep up with all the new features every year, but I try to learn as much as I can and as fast as I can.  I excited about learning and new adventures with technology that this will bring me.

Happy blogging!